Saturday, 22 November 2008

There you thought the effort two weeks ago was just a flash in the pan, eh? Well here we are then, two in a row. We've just come in from the garden where we took the pictures, and pretty cold it is too! More War of 1812 stuff I'm afraid, I'm going to carry on with this until the end of the year and then start or return to something different for 2009. We are planning a wargame with the 1812 forces probably on Boxing Day, we'll take some pictures during the battle and if they are any good we'll publish the entire story on this Blog.

Before I get to the boring bit and describe the photos, I'd like to make a plea for feedback, apart from a few of you, Ken, Gary, Mike and Bill, hardly anyone leaves comments, questions or even abuse. This is a funny old hobby and there aren't many of us across the world that share this strange common interest, so let's get communicating then! This old world wide web thingy is an amazing vehicle for linking people together, to share ideas and news, most of the information I have been able to gather, I initially garnered from the Internet, especially on the American forces, militia in particular. Helpful people from the other side of the pond from Surrey, England were generous with information and support and I would not have embarked on this particular conflict without their help. Let's keep "talking" to each other, so please leave a comment or ask a question............................Rant over.

So a quick run through the photos.

First up some US infantry, sorry the photo is so dark, but stick with it. We tried to photo the whole lot together, 2 companies each of 20 men plus officer NCO and drummer, but the picture didn't work somehow, so you have this one with the chaps advancing into shadow. The mounted officer is something of a Frankenstein monster, his body apart from right arm is Historex, the arm in question and sword are HELMET, the hat is from a Prince August metal casting and the horse is from Italeri.

The following two pics are the finally completed British infantry company that I plan to use both in North America and in the Peninsular. So as per our rules there are the usual 20 men officer sergeant and drummer. The officer seem previously on a Blog near here is Barzo with Historex upper works, the drummer has Marx legs, a Timpo drum. all the rest are HELMET parts. Th idea of using different legs was to produce a figure slightly shorter than hos colleagues, in the event a miscalculation meant that he ended up as tall as everyone else ho hum!

Lastly two British light dragoons, officer and trumpeter. These are both unashamedly HELMET through and through. I made them to lead the new Italeri figures which are musician and leader less, it seemed a good way to impart some variety into the unit, now all I have to do is paint the unit.

So remember be good and hope that Santa is taking notice and is already thinking of leaving something special under the tree for you to open on Christmas morning. I'm hoping so too.

Let's keep in touch, thanks and take care




Brilliant pieces Eric, love your work.
The old Ladies on the group like talking about Brotherhood and broad fraternity but as you found out can't be bothered to leave a comment.
Nuff said?
Anyway Eric I didn't see any comments from you on my blog but I'll let u off this time.
regards g

Mannie Gentile said...


Your photos are great and your figures are quite outstanding. I think the paucity of comments may stem from the irregularity of your postings. I Publish three blogs including one focused on toy soldiers.

To accommodate a busy schedule I made the decision to post only twice per month to my soldier blog, on the 1st and the 15th. As a result I've established a schedule that makes it easy for visitors to drop by.

Although I get lots of comments on my blog focusing on the life of a Park Ranger, I seldom get comments on my toy soldier or helmet collecting blogs, though I do get emails.

My site meter makes it very clear that my readership is steady throughout the month with dramatic spikes on the dates of my posts. Readers, once they get hip to the posting schedule, make it a point to stop by for a few moments.

I think a regular schedule of posting makes the best use of everyones time, ours and our readers'.

Again, first-rate figures and photos. I look forward to more of the same - regularly!

Best wishes,

robjackaman said...

Absolutely awesome work,not much of this sort of thing online so I check in almost daily to admire your work and gain inspiration.
In fact you have inspired me to have a go at a blog myself to encourage me to actually finish some of my projects.
Particularl like your English Civil War pieces.

Bill said...

Hi Eric, for my part there is not much to say. Your work is well above what the average toy soldier collector can do. I think that may be part of the problem. I think that most guys look at what you have created and say "Man, I could never do that." And they kind of turn away from it.

I have two suggestions for you. simplier. Instead of massive reconstructions, how about just showing us a couple of simple conversions using readily available parts. You seem to have an unending supply of parts and pieces that many of us will never have.

Two...Instead of just showing the end result, why not show some step by step creations. I am sure that there would be a more free flow of traffic if people were able to follow along and make suggestions along the way. Why not start be saying something like "Here is how to convert an Airfix Nap into an American War of 1812 regular." And go from there.

Your work is so good that the bar is set too high for most of us. Show me some easy conversions, build up some confidence, and we will go from there.

Just my 2 cents from across the pond.......Bill

helmet2008 said...

Hi Eric
the figures are excellent models. I am still trying to get on with the large amount of kits bought last year - Currently working on 23 x Dutch Infantry and British hussars. I have started to sell again on ebay under user name damjem23, but wont be selling my helmet figures which are mine to keep.
keep em coming, Regards, Dave

Maria Calò said...

keep this going, great