Sunday, 24 July 2011


After a short delay we present to the world the results of our recent labours, namely a great big wooden siege tower from the medieval era. I have been painting and converting some of the Replicant figures, archers and men-at-arms from their Battle of Lewes range, as shown in close-up in the fourth photo. The slightly altered original figure is on the right, the second chap uses the legs of the original, a metal head from Irregular Miniatures, all joined together by the body (drastically built up with greenstuff of a Marx AWI Continental.

The star of this however, is the tower shown in the second photo with a 1:32 figure for scale, the first picture is a rear view showing the top manned by archers and the third pic has the ramp down and a crowd of ruffians charging across into, well, mid air and death actually.

The construction of this beast was comparatively straightforward with a timber frame clad with coffee stirrers liberated from a well known high street coffee chain. The wooded wheels were cheaply acquired vie ebay. The only problem we encountered was when the thing was finally built, it proved top heavy so we had to glue metal weights into the bas area to balance things out. Maths and physics were never my strong point, what matter to us is that the thing moves and operates pretty much as it would have done a few hundred years back. So raise up your drawbridge and man the walls the Kemp Siege Machine approacheth!

Cheers from Eric and Jonny Kemp