Monday, 23 March 2009

This Blog is as regular and reliable as good news in the economy.

Apologies once again for the erratic and irregular postings, this has been mainly due to two factors, once again I have been made jobless, that is my normal full time employment has been "terminated due to the current economic situation", and secondly, I have had what my doctor still, with that knowing little piece of humour that endears the profession to the rest of us, the 100 day coughing virus, which leaves me feeling, well, pretty crud.

So I have been job hunting and trying to get well. Simultaneously I have embarked on yet another new period, focusing initially on what is generally known in the UK as the Monmouth Rebellion. Very briefly, this was an attempt in 1685 by the illegitimate son of Charles II, James Duke of Monmouth to bring about regime change and topple his uncle, King James II. Activities were centered in the West Country and ended after a brief campaign at the Battle of Sedgemoor where Monmouth and his army were defeated.

I chose this period because I find it of great interest personally and it is another "little war" that lends itself to re-creation in 54mm scale and there is a surprising amount of information available on the uniforms colours and organisation of the protagonists, finally the regulars as seen in these photos can, I hope be used in other theatres such as Tangier against the Moors and in Europe against the armies of other nations.

What we show above represents a company of Kirke's Regiment from the army of James II, they are mostly produced by converting A Call to Arms ECW figures, although there are some AWI models from Accurate and ECW from Replicants. Next time I will explain how the conversions were achieved and also mention some useful sources including a truly inspirational Blog which anyone interested in the period should follow.

In the meantime feedback welcomed and see you soon.




Mike Blake said...

Fabulous! These are your best yet, and very inspirational.

Sorry to hear about the job and health probs - hope both are sorted ASAP.

Will you be at the London show?

Eric1 said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks foer your post.

No, will not be at London but will be at Plastic Warrior Show in Richmond. See you there?


Mannie Gentile said...


Again the quality of your work is an inspiration.

I hope that your outstanding efforts can provide a diversion during these trying times.

Wishing you restored health and income, and general best regards,

Mannie Gentile

Eric1 said...


Thank you for the comments and the sentiments, they are much appreciated.



Excellent Eric. I'm always looking forward to seeing your blog, o0ne of the few things I do look forward to. The Monmouth Rebellion needs a bit m,ore historical detail though. Well done. G

Eric1 said...

Thanks Gary, watch out for the next version.


abdul666 said...

A real achievement!

tradgardmastare said...

Fantastic work- I am new to your blog but will visit again very soon!
best wishes

CraigSpiel said...

Once again you have set the standard! Looing forward to the w.i.p. post!

Sorry about the job and health situation. Here's hoping to a rapid improvement for both...

Ralphus said...

Eric they are brilliant...Very good indeed. Sorry I misinterpreted you - typical me - these figures are exceptional though and well worth the effort which must have been incredible. I salute you!

Fraxinus said...

Brilliant figures in the best scale,and best subject matter going!! as stated above inspirational!!!!

Eric1 said...

Many thanks to all who have left comments.

I am enthused and heartened, now how about some Rebels?!

Thanks again


aducknamedjoe said...

These are awesome. If you like the time period of the Monmouth Rebellion, I recommend reading the book "Captain Blood" by Rafael Sabatini, which begins during the battle of Sedgemoor and follows a young doctor exiled to the Barbados who escapes and turns to piracy. Thrilling read

Eric1 said...

Thanks for your feedback and for the book recommendation, I shall certainly read that!

Mike Blake said...

Captain Blood is a wonderful book, though to be fair it isn't avout the Monmouth Rebellion - and might well have you making pirate figues instead!

Good to see at PW but we didn't really chat - where does the day go?

I want to pick your brains for ideas for a daft one of my own, Spanish Tercios for the mid-late 1600s. I just love the idea of all those yellow coats... But the figures would look pretty much like your Monmouth R ones, so I need to study yours more closely and pick up ideas.

Also - seeing the Winged Hussars 'in the flesh' at PW, I have to say that the photos just do not do them justice - they are SUPERB!! They have to be amongst the absolute best conversions I have ever seen - sorry to embarrass you but they are truly masterpieces.

Mike Blake said...

Actually there are a couple of books about Captain Blood, all worth reading - I will dig out the titles (I collect Sabatini).

Eric1 said...


Thanks for your comments. Perhaps we could meet up some time soon? As I am "currently resting between opportunities" could meet any time really. What do you think?


Eric1 said...


Thanks for your comments. Perhaps we could meet up some time soon? As I am "currently resting between opportunities" could meet any time really. What do you think?


Mike Blake said...

Hi Eric
Stupidly I replied to the no-reply message about a posting! Yes, that would be great. Where had you in mind - I'm in Derbyshire.