Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Some more pictures from the Boxing Day wargame, episode 1 published yesterday
Picture 1 shows French Guard Foot Artillery deploying with Guard Infantry in the background, the latter comprise a mixed company of Fusilier Grenadiers (AIP, Aifix and Hat conversions) Old Guard Grenadiers in campaign dress (Airfix with ACTA leg-extensions (!) and Hat with Airfix heads, and, four Old Guard Foot Chasseurs (Hat conversions). In the foreground are some of the Light Infantry screen all laboriously converted just in time for Hat to bring out their own, much better versions.
The second photo is of Allied Cavalry advancing in support of the Light Infantry - these are Prussian and British Hussars (HELMET) and British Light Dragoons (Italeri).
Picture 3 shows the British Foot Artillery deployed having established a clear field of fire, British Commander and servant from the Staff Corps in the middle distance. The guns fired on four successive turns and my usual facility of throwing regular dice scores of "1" held true throughout!
Next a longer shot of the French deploying, this is about move 4, and most of the French Heavy Cavalry are yet to form up.
Last pic shows Russian Allies. Line infantry and Militia nearest the camera along with 1805 period Grenadiers, behind the Infantry are Cossacks (Replicants) and Dragoons (HELMET). The Infantry are a mixture of Black Cat 1812 Line Grenadiers, ACTA Militia conversions, mainly from ACW figures and many additional conversions to bulk-up the 1805 Grenadiers originally from an unknown Russian manufacturer.
More soon if requested, comments and feedback always welcome.


robjackaman said...

Excellent stuff Eric,totally inspirational,not my period but great anyway.
Seeing your winged hussar spurred me on to attempt some crazy stuff myself,so thankyou.Would love to see what you have been making this year.

maria said...

not posting any more i see is this perm or not.