Saturday, 21 January 2012

Back Again

Just a few pics of Jacobite Rising figs, Barzso, Replicants, AIP, ACTA, HELMET bits and bobs, loads of greenstuff and humbrol.

More later



FISH said...
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FISH said...

Eric I just found this blog and had a look at your conversion work and its incredible stuff!
Keep posting more, this stuff is great! Very impressed!!!
FISH! <"))))><

helmet2008 said...


been admiring your work this last week including my screensaver at work. You should blow your own trumpet more often. I have been converting 29 French Line Inf & Imp Grenadier Guards figures into French Chasseurs of the Guard with the headswap using the Horse Grenadier head.
Enjoy viewing your figures
Dave Morris

CraigSpiel said...

Magnificent, as always!