Monday, 26 May 2014

Return of the

 For numerous reasons this Blog has been silent for nearly two years, but things have been continuing to happen in my addled mind and stuff to be produced on my crowded bench. So the fist couple of pictures are conversions from Timpo and Charbens Arab figures into Indian command at the turn of the 18th century, the matchlockmen behind them come from a number of sources including English Civil War musketeers. The Osprey book on the Battle of Assaye (1803)  has three inspirational colour plates although I found reading the text a tad difficult. The idea is to produce an Indian army that can take 18th century and Napoleonic British armies, maybe with some French assistance.
I really enjoyed making these even though I should by right be a major shareholder in Greenstuff. There are plenty of references and information on the web and it seems possible to paint the figures in as many colours as you wish from off-white for the poorer infantry to bright silks for the commanders. I obtained a book on Mughal paintings and used this as a guide when painting the flag, but to be honest most of the way I finished these came out of my head rather trusted source. I'm currently making civilian figures to act as Rebels for the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685, but hope to return to these soon, I fancy the idea of some figures to represent Mysore regulars and rocketmen (sit down Elton) and elephants are hanging around in the shadows...........  

The Jacobites are the relatively new figures from Replicants, the loading Highlander being a conversion. More sometime soon, bye for now.


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Jacobite Bits and Pieces

Gun crew.

Repliant conversions from ECW Scots.

Officers and others from many, strange, sources.

Like Hungry Wolves.................................



More late Medievals

More mind numbing stuff from the dream team of Jonny and Eric Kemp. Wars of the Roses pole-armed infantry and two shots of Swiss pikemen and crossbowmenan. one showing a Burgundian archer using them for target practice.

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Wars of the Roses

A bit of a change this time, Wars of the Roses, converted, wher appropriate by me, painted by our son, Jonny.
Bits and bobs from Replicants, Britains,Forces of Valor, A Call to Arms, Irregular (metals) and Airfix medievals with leg extensions and WW2 Germans - kneeling handgunner and shooting crossbowman, oh yes and lods of greenstuff.

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Jonny and Eric

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Crimea and War of 1812

Two posts in a day.......................

95th Rifles and 43rd Light Infantry, all from HELMET bits.

93rd Highlanders from the Crimea - as mutch fun as painting hussars! From Timpo with greenstuff additions.
More 11th Hussars, just about half the "regiment" completed.

More soon ish


More Light Brigade

More Light Brigade, 11th Hussars on the left, aren't hussars easy to paint, so quick and straightforward!

Then characters from the Charge, based in part on the Tony Richardson film.From left to right in the phot below, Sergeant Berryman VC of the 17th Lancers, Trooper (Butcher) Vahey also of the 17th followed by Captain William Morris commander of the 17th on the day. Finally Captain Lewis Edward Nolan of the 15th Hussars, who will for ever, on my model, be carrying the order that sent the Light Brigade down the Valley of Death.

Picture on left shows the same figures reversed.



Sunday, 15 April 2012

Some old American Civil War zouaves painted around 10 years ago now.
A company of Coldstream Guards for the Crimea again old figures of about 6 years vintage.
Troopers of the 4th Light Dragoons, Light Brigade engage with Russian Hussars.
Hi Dave M! Is it just you and me out there?