Monday, 26 May 2014

Return of the

 For numerous reasons this Blog has been silent for nearly two years, but things have been continuing to happen in my addled mind and stuff to be produced on my crowded bench. So the fist couple of pictures are conversions from Timpo and Charbens Arab figures into Indian command at the turn of the 18th century, the matchlockmen behind them come from a number of sources including English Civil War musketeers. The Osprey book on the Battle of Assaye (1803)  has three inspirational colour plates although I found reading the text a tad difficult. The idea is to produce an Indian army that can take 18th century and Napoleonic British armies, maybe with some French assistance.
I really enjoyed making these even though I should by right be a major shareholder in Greenstuff. There are plenty of references and information on the web and it seems possible to paint the figures in as many colours as you wish from off-white for the poorer infantry to bright silks for the commanders. I obtained a book on Mughal paintings and used this as a guide when painting the flag, but to be honest most of the way I finished these came out of my head rather trusted source. I'm currently making civilian figures to act as Rebels for the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685, but hope to return to these soon, I fancy the idea of some figures to represent Mysore regulars and rocketmen (sit down Elton) and elephants are hanging around in the shadows...........  

The Jacobites are the relatively new figures from Replicants, the loading Highlander being a conversion. More sometime soon, bye for now.



Brian Carrick said...

Great stuff as ever Eric, glad to see you sorted the Google gremlins out!
Best wishes, Brian

Old Silly said...

Thanks Brian, the clue was Google Chrome, just like you said!



Bill W said...

Hi Eric - good to have you back. Excellent stuff as usual



Lancashire Painted Soldiers said...

excellent conversions

Lancashire Painted Soldiers said...

Hi Eric - do you have any more conversions work in progress?
Like to see some more Crimean War conversions, Regards, Dave

Marc the plastics fan said...

Good to see you still active (well, a while back...) said... sex sex sex sex

John Adam said...

Good writing...keep posting dear friend
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Old Silly said...

For a number of reasons I am closing this blog. Many thanks to all those who left comments, both negative and positive, and joined the conversation.

You can see my new efforts at:

Cheers to all,


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