Sunday, 1 April 2012

More Light Brigade - WIP

More pictures of the Light Brigade project this time.
First picture shows two almost complet 17th Lancers on Hat horses with adjusted saddles and sheepskins.
Second photo is a close-up of two character figures, Captains Nolan and Morris, both are based on HELMET bits with wine bottle foil belts and greenstuff additions. Nolan has a metal head, which perhaps explains his erratic behaviour on the day, Morris ' head is, ironically, from an AIP Russian built up with greenstuff, I have yet to sculpt his sheepskin. Sword is from a pin, later to be bulked out with thick paint, see next photo.
Third picture shows the two characters plus an officer from the 11th Hussars. Note that Nolan's horse had had a head swap and that my noble captain with carry the order from Lord Raglan forever!

Finally, two Light Dragoons and Trooper Vahey the butcher from the 17th Lancers. The Light Dragoons are from HELMET bits as before with pin swords and wire caplines saddles from greenstuff. Vahey also has a metal head, greenstuff hat, apron etc and arms from an old Airfix 8th Army kit. One source I researched says he rode a Russian officer's horse, hence the saddle on this model.
"Lord Raglan says the cavalry is to advance immediately."


helmet2008 said...

great figures - I like my namesake Captain Morris, Superb work, Regards, Dave Morris

FISH said...

WOW, Great stuff Eric! Keep them coming they look incredible!
One suggestion for you on the tassels on the hats that might interest you that I have used in the past that I think looks really good is to take really fine jewelry wire, say 2 or 3 strands and twist it in a drill. This is great for making scale rope, barbed wire and chord and tassels for shakos and bugsby hats.

I really love your work, keep the conversions coming!

Eric1 said...

Thanks Chaps, I'll certainly try the wire and drill method, cheers.